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  1. Am I right in thinking that the only way we can get a vote is if we buy a legacy certificate?
  2. I wouldn't worry if he's sacked. Who the hell would want the job? Moyes won't leave West Ham. Even if Henry Gibson can be persuaded, there's no money to spend and who can make a player out of the likes of Ajer and duffy?
  3. Surely Goldson has earned a rest now? And Tav. Helps that they are not internationals but even so I worry they could become stale.
  4. Mind you I did like Coisty's quip that he thought Rio Ave was Benfica's address!
  5. I really wish that Rangers TV would provide coverage of league and Europe as Tyldesley, Thomson, Dodds and McCann are far superior to anything I've seen on Sky or BT.
  6. Over ten million votes for that 'fantasy' nonsense at the last election suggests that there isn't any great enthusiasm for the alternative either.
  7. Sadly I agree. But I also think that the nature of that working class has changed: it has become atomised, with many on precarious part-time jobs, unorganised and, dare I say it, uneducated. The share-owning, home-owning democracy we were promised in the eighties has not materialised to their benefit. That in turn may produce a sharp turn in consciousness. But I'm no prophet.
  8. But what if that Labour party stands on similar policies to the current tory party?
  9. For some people anti-semitism is a one-way street. Nobody is trying to 'justify' but your refusal to see that it has been weaponised is what's really pathetic.
  10. Agree. Why no subs? Mad at that. It's sacrilege to say it but Tav was poor tonight.
  11. What, quoting a Jew who is a victim? Or maybe you prefer this one? https://skwawkbox.org/2019/07/23/hodge-subject-of-formal-antisemitism-complaint-by-orthodox-jewish-labour-member/?fbclid=IwAR20H95vmw2HdV6WBLA86zqBBCWoeT_T-8As4ScPyZli0hpz1-PpetnJvMc
  12. Aribo may be because we need to be a tad more defensively aware. Helander looked wobbly against Benfica last time.
  13. Disagree it's a distraction. This is the theatre we should be playing in. Hope it once again becomes our focus when we secure our league title (and no I'm not counting chickens).
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