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  1. Do you have a corresponding list of countries where capitalism has worked?
  2. Good luck to the Sun trying to sell papers in Liverpool!
  3. My source was someone called Joe Reynolds on facebook; if you search him and Arcuri you should find it.
  4. Here's my source. I'll just leave it at that.
  5. https://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/uk/jeremy-corbyn-says-ira-were-terrorists-1.3091883
  6. Of course I'm not accusing her being your ex! How could I? Am I not allowed an opinion to comment on the journalists who have been delving into the career of this so-called businesswoman - it is they who have made the accusations, and I am merely commenting on those accusations. Don't you think that misuse of public funds is not an offence?
  7. He was a respected coach at Chelsea and was recommended to Scotland by then manager Ruud Gullit. But agree - we need to decide on 2 central defenders.
  8. Problem with Strachan was he was too loyal to the older players; I fear Clarke is making the same mistake with Mulgrew and Snodgrass to name but two.
  9. Imperialists will have no hesitation in using terrorists to suit their own ends then dropping them.
  10. Agree 100% with this: the Kurds should have their own country - they are one of the most persecuted races anywhere. And the UN will not condemn a NATO member. Britain could help though, by stopping the export of arms parts by British Ae to Turkey.
  11. No idea if he did or not, but Corbyn has nothing in common with the Stalinists of East Germany. He is a democratic socialist; that is, he believes in the parliamentary route to power.
  12. So you excuse Thatcher then for meeting with them?
  13. Thanks for the technical insight but I'll stick to my opinion that she is nothing more than a prostitute.
  14. Is it not proof of dodgy morals? Thought she was meant to be a tech entrepreneur?
  15. My saying he should be in jail was my opinion; how can one provide proof for an opinion? He seems to have mis-used public funds while in office yet he doesn't seem keen to explain himself to the London Assembly.
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