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  1. Didn't mean anyone on here necessarily; was talking generally. I see that Van Morrison has waded in with 3 anti-lockdown songs. Shame, I love his music but he's way off here. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-54194408
  2. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8742827/Blustering-Boris-Johnson-urges-Britons-flatten-second-hump-camel.html Funny how they can fall out of love so quickly.
  3. I think we're long past the stage where we can label this virus as some sort of conspiracy; it's real all right. I've personally only known 3 people die of it but one was a doctor who was treating covid patients in February. Who said war was too important to be left to the generals? Could say the same about covid and politicians.
  4. Shows it's marxism they really hate not racism.
  5. Yes it was and they were very quickly de-nationalised too.
  6. Suppose this is opinion too: https://freedomnews.org.uk/reflections-on-the-incompetence-of-the-johnson-government/
  7. I wonder if anyone noticed that there were 15,000 complaints to Ofcom about a black dance troupe on Britains' Got Talent; an act which featured a mock-up of the George Floyd incident. The only reason to complain was because they were racist. So it's actually quite comforting to know that there are only 15k racists in Britain - a tiny minority.
  8. The next Labour manifesto under Starmer will be indistinguishable from the Conservative one. It will have the backing of the press and media simply because Johnson has been shown to be so utterly incompetent, nothing to do with policies.
  9. Ok but I took it to mean that Alfie's reputation goes before him - I thought he was getting a subtle dig. Even that was too much for Michael Stewart though - he certainly struck his nerve, while Chris Iwelumo saw SG as standing up for his player.
  10. Given SG's comments about being the other way round, I would doubt he's thinking about himself but the club can still make some sort of statement. Even sportscene suggested it should be read.
  11. Mmm... wonder why we let Docherty go then; and if it is about numbers, letting Ross McCrorie go may turn out to be a mistake.
  12. Even though I agree with you that is whataboutery of a high order, when the topic is Piers Morgan.😉
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