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  1. Flippin' eck! Not even Labour under Corbyn were proposing that.
  2. I didn't read it in The Canary. Was in a facebook group where one person claimed it was true. That's why I said 'rumour'. Mustn't take everything at face value must we? Edit: I have just read your link and Tommeh himself claims it! Maybe you are the one who reads the Canary in the same way that marxists read the FT. This will not do the image of the Tory Party any good at all.
  3. If they're not conservative what are they? If they accept Robinson as a member then they will assuredly become far right.
  4. Actually I agree with both your points; the fence-sitting was entirely the result of right wingers in Labour forcing Corbyn to adopt a position he was not comfortable with. So they are the ones who should take the rap.
  5. Apparently there is a rumour that Tommy Robinson aka Yaxley-Lennon has just joined the Tory Party. If true it just proves how far to the Right it has shifted; not so long ago decent tories like Heseltine, Major and Clarke would have been appalled.
  6. No the country told us to Get Brexit Done. Now we want the 350 Million for the NHS and all the extra nurses and police you promised us.
  7. What is the lesson? Become the Tory Party Mark 2? The main lesson is to keep things simple and not promise extras which were not voted for at conference or in the manifesto.
  8. In 2005 Labour won a majority but had a much smaller share of the vote than in 2017 or now. Gordon Brown had about 9 million so it is not unreasonable at all to claim that radical socialism is attracting voters. BTW arrogant people don't apologise as Corbyn and McD. did today. I didn't hear Johnson apologising to the mother of that poor boy with pneumonia in the Leeds hospital - or Jack Merrit's dad.
  9. I remember Rod being interviewed when he opted to go into tax exile. "How would you like 90% of your earnings to be taxed?" he opined to the reporter. "I wouldn't mind 10 per cent of your income," came the reply.
  10. Not quite sure what you mean by 'defy' but you have a right to an opinion. Right now I'm thinking in years to come Labour may be glad they lost because come December 2020 and Brexit isn't done, (quite possible) they can stand aloof and watch as the Tories unleash even more austerity on Joe Public. Wonder who gets the blame then.
  11. Surprise surprise. https://www.nursingtimes.net/news/policies-and-guidance/shock-win-tory-candidate-deceived-voters-by-claiming-to-be-a-nurse-13-12-2019/?fbclid=IwAR0f6QrV0WzKPvr2hQ2dKYbWrPASfRcGBcDhKBGFGyT2znflewwKToloZo4 No depths to which they will not stoop.
  12. Contrition? Ten million voted for the most radical manifesto ever put forward by a Labour party. The Northern working class have simply 'lent' Johnson their vote. Don't take my word for it - Johnson himself said it. When we finally leave the EU the Tories natural self-interest will re-assert itself. Ten million very angry people - how to control that?
  13. Think you misread what he said; he was simply reflecting what many in the South have been saying and what Johnson's attitude is likely to be. As an aside, I have had many facebook friends asking how they can relocate to Scotland! Don't think the English are racist per se but racism has certainly been used to divide and manipulate.
  14. I might be though; the SNP has won in Scotland but seemingly the ENP has won in England or should I say the E and W NP. I have no English blood at all in me and my wife's recent DNA test has revealed she is mainly Swedish and from a very very small gene pool. So the UK is now led triumphantly by a man who, in an article for the Spectator in 2004, wrote that the 'Scotch ' should be comprehensively exterminated.'
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