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  1. Is that Charlie McCann on the bench? Thought he was signed for the B team?
  2. My greatest memory of Arbroath is the time Colin Stein bagged a hattrick v them in I think 9 minutes!
  3. No of course not. I think compo was using hyperbole/figure of speech. I think the monarchy should be phased out or become something like the Dutch Royal family.
  4. I think we're all aware of that on here, including compo I'm sure. But times change and attitudes to the monarchy have changed too. There was a time when the club only employed people of a certain religious persuasion (not just Rangers but certain shipyards too) and you wouldn't want to return to those days would you? Likewise the reverence for the Queen may fade too; certainly some of her offspring seem to be doing their best to undermine the institution.
  5. Exactly. it's about a man with a long history of lying in his private, work and public life, endowed with a Bullingdon Club and Etonian sense of entitlement.
  6. I think Rishi Sunak would give Starmer supporters cause for concern as he comes across as assured and competent.
  7. You are so right. The seventies is the seminal era for me. Think you could have added Steely Dan to the list though...
  8. Course he is good enough; ball playing centre back. Shown great resilience to come back and we cannot lose on a Bosman.
  9. 'Scotch'? Did you study history under AJP Taylor by any chance?😂
  10. it's a no-brainer in the sense that Tav would not yield so much in terms of fees received. If Sky is right and the deal could go as high as £16m then it's a good deal for us, Scotland and I think Everton, who will get a quality replacment for Seamus Coleman. Still I am disappointed that a good Scotland player is again leaving Rangers.
  11. Just I never know when you are being ironic🤣. You must admit... Second point- I just don't get the nomenclature.
  12. There you go again. Ian Wright is annoying but not because he is black; as it happens I think the African Cup is disrespected. Certainly it is not given the same profile as the Euros when so many UK based players participate. One thing annoys me - why is it not just called the African Nations Cup? Or why don't we say the European Cup of Nations? Genuine question.
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