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  1. alexscottislegend

    The Ideology of Corbynism

    So it's between the free market and...the free market? When I was growing up the figure I always remember was 7% of the population owned 84% of the wealth (there was even a theatre company called that). Now, it's more like 1% controlling 95%. You think that's progress and wonder why people want change? The UN -the UN not a left think tank - says that 14 million children in Britain live in poverty: now is that not a fact,seeing you are so fond of facts?
  2. alexscottislegend

    The Ideology of Corbynism

    You remind me of a bloke I once worked with, a working class chap. "You can't 'ave cloth caps running parliament". He would have relished Rees-Mogg, someone to defer to, someone 'born to rule.'
  3. alexscottislegend

    The Ideology of Corbynism

    Yes to what? You think Kinnock et al is the 'sensible' Labour choice? Kinnock, who jumped on the Euro gravy train after trampling allover the miners? He represents capitalism's reserve team, the one you put in when the first eleven are in trouble. Maybe representative democracy is what is really dead. You get to put a x on a piece of paper once every 5 years and then watch them all betray their principles. Sham democracy is that. Meanwhile, over in France they have shown the way - Macron offered reforms including some they didn't even ask for. The British way of 'politeness' gets you nowhere.
  4. alexscottislegend

    The Ideology of Corbynism

    Dangerous to whom? Only the Alan Sugars of this world - one of the most odious people in the UK.
  5. alexscottislegend

    Financial Market Volatility

    To be fair to him I believe he has voted against pay increases for MPs. But I would prefer if every MP ran on a ticket of the salary of the average skilled worker. That would send out a message practising what you preach. Going back to Corbyn his expenses claims were the lowest of any MP.
  6. alexscottislegend


    A worse form of begging is that peddled on tv by huge charities and presented by 'celebrities' who should know better. I'll wager only a very limited amount of cash raised goes to those who actually need it.
  7. alexscottislegend

    The Winter 2018/19 - Transfer Window Rumours and Deals - Thread

    Regarding a target man, we might already have one but he's out on loan. Hardie got 2 goals last night; he could surely score in this league.
  8. alexscottislegend

    The Winter 2018/19 - Transfer Window Rumours and Deals - Thread

    Do we need another winger though? Methinks this is more to please the NI supporters than addressing our priorities, good player though he is.
  9. alexscottislegend

    [FT] Dundee 1 - 1 Rangers (Halliday 21)

    He's a committed bluenose. Was upset when sent abroad on loan. Point to prove and all that.
  10. alexscottislegend

    [FT] Dundee 1 - 1 Rangers (Halliday 21)

    'Alaric the Goth' we signed him? Wow. Seriously, SG seems not to know his best pairing.
  11. alexscottislegend

    British Asians but no British Whites on the BBC

    Great quote. Any idea where you sourced that? Reminds me a bit of Sir Keith Joseph who stated that conservatives are not worshippers of formal democracy - it is a means to an end.
  12. alexscottislegend

    Rangers v Aberdeen

    Shinnie's doing the role for them now that Jack used to do - and doing it better at the moment. He is versatile. Not a bad player actually. He could fit in to the left side of our midfield. Not that I'm advocating we sign him.
  13. alexscottislegend

    Rangers v Aberdeen

    Just being realistic. If we were to win the league before we were really ready it could set us back. As often posited on here, we are a work in progress. You saying you would be happy to win the league without getting at least one over on our greatest rivals?
  14. alexscottislegend

    Rangers v Aberdeen

    Forget the league..let's just beat the Keltic for now. Couldn't stomach another doing from them. We can hold our own v Villarreal, we can take them.
  15. alexscottislegend

    Neil Young

    Me too! In my book he comes close fourth behind Dylan, Tom Waits and Van Morrison.

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