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  1. I would hate to see Aribo and Bassey go. Simply because they would be very hard for us to replace. Kamara less so, even Morelos we could replicate.
  2. You didn't actually answer my question, though I have no doubt that you were a good employer. My point remains though that conditions have only improved because of the power of collective bargaining and maybe one or two enlightened individuals like Lord Shaftesbury.
  3. I sincerely thank you for taking the time to give a considered reply devoid of your usual cynicism. I don't think you need to exercise much 'cerebral control' though to realise that many celebrated socialists were Jewish inc. the most celebrated of all; and that's the problem with the Labour Party, that very few members in fact are actually socialists. We've derailed this thread so let's leave it there.
  4. Let's imagine for a minute that there had never been any trade unions; what agency for progressive change would have taken their place? (And I'd like an answer this time, not hang'em flog'em or whatever).
  5. So...one cannot support the right of Palestinians without being anti-semitic at the same time? Wow.
  6. Then it could not have so endemic and deeply-rooted if it was all down to one man. Fact was Corbyn was seen as a danger to the establishment. He was supposed to be 'taking Britain back to the seventies.' Well we seemed to have managed that now without his help.
  7. Well the anti-semitic stuff for starters. Funny how it's never mentioned now in the Labour Party.
  8. Regardless of Left or Right stances I cannot recall such a bunch of charlatans, incompetents or liars as the present incumbents (Starmer and Rayner equally). God knows I hated what Thatcher stood for but even I had a (grudging) respect for her and her principles; the current lot I have not one iota of respect for.
  9. Do you foresee a role for humans in this Brave New World? Driverless cars may come in too...
  10. Ok then you prefer intellectuals like Richard Madeley and Kay Burley whom he caused to laugh at her own stupidity.
  11. I've got a new hero. His name is Mick Lynch. Watch him take apart stupid interviewers with a mixture of contempt and humour:
  12. Careful - that's revolutionary talk!
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