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  1. alexscottislegend

    Labour plans tax theft

    'tis a question of degree. I won't be paying anything but those over about £70 k will pay just a tad more, inc. Len McCluskey who is quite all right with it, apparently.
  2. alexscottislegend

    Labour plans tax theft

    Here's a point: if we think that labour should be kept within national borders, is it not then logical to expect capital to do the same?
  3. alexscottislegend

    Labour plans tax theft

    Most sensible people would think we need to have some threshold; billionaire takes 999 cookies out of a pile of 1,000 then tells everybody that the one cookie left for you might be taken by an immigrant. We must have a heck of a lot of billionaires if that keeps Labour out.
  4. That's a wide spectrum? Sure hate to see a narrow one.
  5. He seems to be a triple barrel!
  6. alexscottislegend

    [FT] Rangers 0 - 0 St Johnstone

    So much for Defoe and Davis being the quality signings we needed to boost our squad. We need to build from a base of youth now for the future; the U17s have shown the way. No more 'experienced' players, it's time to end this elephant's graveyard at Ibrox.
  7. alexscottislegend

    Breaking: Rangers Youth win ALKASS International Cup

    Fabulous. Most encouraging thing I've heard for a long time. Would love us to produce something like the MU Class of '92.
  8. alexscottislegend

    Brexit - the big vote

    It was Thatcher's mentor, Sir Keith Joseph ,who said (and I paraphrase) that democracy was only a means to an end, not an end in itself for conservatives.
  9. alexscottislegend

    Schoolkids’ Strike

    Known as 'wagging it' in England. All Corbyn's fault though - trying to catch them young!😁
  10. alexscottislegend

    Schoolkids’ Strike

    Careful - Stan Collymore had another definition!
  11. alexscottislegend

    Corbyn - Labour's gift to the nation

    You do like your analogies, don't you? Marxists may use the Labour Party in order to show up the blind alley of using bourgeois institutions.
  12. alexscottislegend

    Corbyn - Labour's gift to the nation

    I get your cynicism, I really do - even share it, in fact - but I think when it comes to great betrayers, there are many better examples in the Labour Party than Jeremy Corbyn. Dame Hodge for example is a Tory hiding under Labour covers.
  13. alexscottislegend

    Corbyn - Labour's gift to the nation

    Simple personality questions..Gyles Brandreth conducted his own poll in middle-class Guildford and found that almost all agreed with Labour policies; then told them they were actual Labour policies and they were astonished. And the polls were of course dead right at the last GE.
  14. alexscottislegend

    Corbyn - Labour's gift to the nation

    He wouldn't have remained in the Labour Party all his life if he was a Marxist.
  15. alexscottislegend

    Corbyn - Labour's gift to the nation

    Everyone has personal idiosyncracies. But this delving into personal habits detracts from the real policies. Why doesn't the Mail argue against nationalisation of the railways or the dismantling of the NHS. Because they know that Labour policies are popular.

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