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  1. Arfield Jack and Kamara are my starting 3 at the moment so who is he going to replace?
  2. Mike Pompeo will never allow it; https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.globalresearch.ca%2Fmike-pompeo-threatens-intervene-british-democracy-stop-corbyn-becoming-prime-minister%2F5680136%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR18nBl_evCzSpPYsxyf7jeKZh44REGwaFUDaI9eDK4dVEXRRgqYfzL5P0I&h=AT0JPWd6JfwM_03hmVwdY8haHfJMTyu57CJ4zp84a0KU0vxXexqKZjd1izcbHEor4mNsYt6CZhOB4lJSobn2foQ-YincsC6gsPqZMoYI4Kx_H3e5QAGLmoPIp6wY7Wn5HgQ
  3. Ah yes, the solution to everything: like the probation service, 80% of which has been returned to public hands; or the company who supplies plasma to hospitals now being sold on to the Chinese; or the failing rail franchises, some of which are owned by countries who have state-owned railways; or the wonderful G4 security...... Take back control? We never had any bloody control to start with.
  4. https://justjews.org.uk/2019/06/07/geoffrey-alderman/ The Guardian has never been a friend of the labour movement; it likes to think of itself as 'centrist' and reasonable. The origin of the corbyn smears is the Israeli embassy. Corbyn has faults but the idea of him being racist is simply absurd.
  5. Bit like war then? If the US goes to war with Iran then that is not terrorism? What was the Iraq war, a mistake?
  6. This should be the whole purpose of sending players out on loan; not to push them half out the door as with for example, Liam Kelly.
  7. Bur perfectly ok for soldiers to use Jeremy Corbyn for target practice. Listen - all incitement to individual violence v politicians is wrong . Remember Jo Cox.
  8. Is an anti-semite someone who criticises the Israeli state? And - what is your definition of a terrorist?
  9. Farage himself made some fatuous remark about getting a gun if Brexit wasn't delivered round about the same time as Jo Cox was murdered.
  10. At Farage's instigation. Have they no peadophiles to go chasing after?
  11. Well said. Time we got back to producing a decent core of the national side like we did with Greig, Henderson et al. At the moment only Jack is a contender (I would have him even just as right back cover) though Hastie and McCrorie may not be too far away.
  12. Docherty and Middleton's loan moves are only good moves if they enable them to challenge for our first team. There's no point if they are to be replaced by loanees in, unless said loanees are exceptional talents in the making.
  13. You noticed I used the singular. Collective bargaining allowed me to save a modest amount. I'm the kind of socialist who believes in rising with my class not above it. Hence I'm opposed to huge salaries for MPs and, yes, trade union bureaucrats.
  14. I like the way you say 'Mr.'. Seems we have lost real respect these days with all this faux familiarity.
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