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  1. Don't forget Zak Rudden too; also a 'true centre forward.'
  2. He looks like the missing link (evolutionary speaking) in that photo.
  3. Worst I've ever seen wrt simulation; unfortunately,the raising of the arm was the deciding factor.
  4. Seriously what do you expect him to do? He can only take advantage in a General Election; some of his MPs are hardline Remainers, and some defected to the so-called independent group.
  5. I saw him live. He is foul-mouthed and sarcastic but also funny. His one-man show is quite a tour de force for the way he keeps going non-stop.
  6. You wonder if the yob knew who he was. Regardless, it's disgusting.
  7. Buster, disagree that there is more pressure at Ibrox than, say, Chelsea. Billy Gilmour might have made his debut for us by now.
  8. And where do we get the money from to manage after leaving? According to a recent report in the Metro one billion worth of assets has just been transferred to European banks.
  9. We're terrible at promoting young Scottish talent. Compare it to England where they have 2 18 year olds in their squad who have had to compete with multi-million pound imports at their clubs. Hope Houston and Rudden get a chance ahead of some of the names we're linked with.
  10. Survation - usually the most accurate poll - puts Labour now 5 points ahead. An online poll calling for Brexit to be cancelled now stands at 3.3 million signatures. I repeat my statement that the 2016 ref was only advisory - no legal validity - so could be ignored. For the record I don't feel strongly either side as I think that we are screwed, Brexit or no Brexit. The real failure/culprit is capitalism.
  11. I would still take the dictatorship of the proletariat over the dictatorship of the few. You make a mistake when you view them as two sides of the same coin. As I have said many times the post-1923 Soviet Union should not be seen as the model of socialism/communism.
  12. I will try but it's getting more difficult when first Carillion and then Intuserve hit the buffers, robbing the taxpayer of millions which could have been used to fund the NHS or provide schools with the funding they lack when academy heads are paying themselves exorbitant salaries. As an aside, Marx did acknowledge that capitalism was a necessary stage for mankind to go through.
  13. What would be balance would be to provide a list of all the positives that have accrued from multiculturalism. I would suggest a cursory glance at the staffing of the NHS as just one example.
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