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  1. I'm sorry but that is just patent nonsense. BLM often espouses the words of Black Panther leaders like Fred Hampton and Malcolm X who attacked capitalism and went to great lengths to include whites in their fight. Racism is a tool used to divide people. But I do sympathise with your doubts about 'trans' people and the effect on female supporters. Identity politics has little to do with real equality and is a middle class fad which detracts from the real struggles of working people. As for 'marxist fascism' this is an oxymoron. You know nothing about marxism if you can utter that phrase in the same sentence.
  2. I wonder if you have considered the feelings of the many black players we have and have had. And I see nothing wrong whatever with BLM (whoever they are) supporting Palestine; Israel is the most powerful racist state in the world.
  3. We don't hear people saying 'London' Arsenal or Edinburgh Hibernian, yet we have to be differentiated from QPR or Berwick.
  4. And notice that nowhere does the word 'Glasgow' appear. There are still people who don't know the name of our club.
  5. Awful. Just show the same battling spirit you did as a player, Scott.
  6. You can take the boy out of Glasgow but you can never take Glasgow out of the boy!
  7. Not only that but it is written in really poor English or niche slang that folk like me don't understand. To think that my English teacher recommended the BBC as an example of where you can hear good English spoken.
  8. 12! When tierney goes for 25M and he's a wing back. Why are we such a soft touch?
  9. You should know by now I'm not a fan of the post-Lenin Soviet Union. Not great under Putin either: https://www.ft.com/content/8f487b02-b861-11e9-96bd-8e884d3ea203
  10. No just me, myself, I. It's not me who has the all-seeing eye!😉
  11. Yes, I think we don't know much though his origins are disputed. To be fair I don't think it was Tranter who originated that story.
  12. I would have starved to death if I had to rely only on my private pensions. How can I be a 'true socialist' in a capitalist sea? Sometimes you misunderstand my anti-capitalism; it's not based on envy, I recognise (as Marx did) that it was an absolutely essential successor to feudalism which brought hitherto unheard of benefits. But that doesn't mean it is a fixed system for all time. I just think that it has waste at its core and puts profits before people.
  13. The contradictions of capitalisism; the need to create a surplus which benefits......well, you know.
  14. Just one example; the Lucas Aerospace workers in the seventies who proposed restructuring their manufacturing processes to make socially useful things.
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