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  1. Agree with most of what you say, except that I think Lyon are a top-drawer team. Denayer certainly conned the ref in a 'collision' with Wright.
  2. Really disappointed. Why are so many of our players taking such poor first touches - again and again?
  3. Ally is so annoying with his 'absolutelys'.
  4. We're too tentative. Need to press in the final third.
  5. Probably the strongest team we could put out considering....
  6. They shouldn't even be thinking of submitting claims like that. I claim no more than I am entitled to from my employer. She's not the only one; they all try to over-claim for unnecessary staff.
  7. Talking of freebies from the public purse:
  8. How Jim Denny ever got into our side was a mystery; Penman, on the other hand, I always thought was under-rated.
  9. John Nettles, now replaced by Neil Dudgeon. We watch it too.
  10. That's a great description if I may say so.
  11. "Over the top Jock!" "Achtung! Here come the ladies from Hell!"
  12. Further evidence that we are 100% right to hold out for good prices. Patterson is much better than £11m Pingpong. And what price Tavernier? Imagine if Trent or Reece James had scored that goal he got against St. Johnstone.
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