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  1. BBC have already started with this speculation that Klopp will be sacked and Gerrard being touted as his replacement. I have no doubt he will eventually go to L'pool but it would be a disaster if he went before he's had a crack at the Champions League.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PejBkU4-1fk Tom Waits - "Ol' 55"
  3. And now for a nice little friendly at Parkhead a week on Saturday!😁
  4. Gets you like this, doesn't it?🤣
  5. The very best time to get a point is next weekend at you know where. It would be like a fishbone stuck in my throat if we didn't. Target: finish the season unbeaten.
  6. Think my favourite moment on the Saint and Greavsie show occurred when Greavsie was taking the rip out of Scottish goalkeepers. Saint showed a clip of Hearts' Henry Smith performing out of his skin. Greavesie's reply: " C'mon! 'Enery Smiff?' - he can't be Scottish with a name like that!"
  7. Didn't his dad represent Govan at one time? Probably impertinent of me to comment on Scottish politics as I don't live in Scotland now, but maybe there is a genuine voting alternative now for those who detest the SNP. Sarwar is a committed unionist.
  8. Add Kane to that list and maybe Grealish. Kent is easily as good as Harvey Barnes.
  9. Agree but for me Hagi is a bit enigmatic; does some sublime things at times and has a great shot, but then he also misplaces what seem straightorward passes - he was like that last night, but worth his place in the team right now.
  10. I'd like us to get Dynamo Kiev and beat them and secure our place in the group stages for the riches of the Champions League. We should not have to go through the diddy qualifying rounds any more.
  11. Well, correct me if I'm wrong but I think coefficient points count in each leg of the tie, so don't think you get so many with a draw?
  12. Actually I think we do - something to do with securing automatic CL qualification, so need to win!
  13. I'd only be worried about them getting Benitez; anyone else is a gamble for them.
  14. Honestly I just don't see how we could throw it away; the collapse would have to be astronomical. The pressure is much more on the other lot.
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