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  1. Oh, lighten up all of you - it's just a bit of fun! Remember the Icelanders dressing up as Vikings? I've even seen some England fans dressed like St George.
  2. Ah paragraph 56 expresses it more clearly. I trust SAGE not governments.
  3. As one who has just received his second vaccine, I find this report a bit concerning: https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.gov.uk%2Fgovernment%2Fpublications%2Fspi-m-o-summary-of-further-modelling-of-easing-restrictions-roadmap-step-2-31-march-double-2021%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR26_qPxaJTZ9PcqkdjkbjlXm18LPXWDWPZVq1jOpATs7GFrKHv7_B3hUjM&h=AT2Es4BXOW_4AP1lj2no-aOJxkSEbqWqVCM6-K3Uqa3YUteOWyVwt4LQ-NO2H07r9hU6mtEYBa1IXsxppk9k8Nylgtuv8QcWM9wfP0j3ps-Cy7_t2UZU9faqoGuZxGbSzsG2&__tn__=-UK-R&c[0]=AT0Io0MMFL1WnCdyluUAh-YLz4YCDsNhUpymbDATOmku3HPYaxTJ6n82HNqsdRjiaV4ORuDC5lfch2uPeo
  4. No need to be biased - every one with eyes to see is calling for him to start. Hell, Spain play an 18 year old, England a 17 year old and Billy is now 20! He's asking for a loan move; I wouldn't be averse to seeing Rangers take him, though would want to use him against European opposition instead of the Livingstons et al.
  5. Sweden should be one goal up. Showing how to play a disciplined defensive game and catch teams on the break.
  6. We will get pumped if McGregor plays. When he came on his first contribution was to give the ball away; can't tackle and can only pass sideways. How the hell he got 30 caps is incredible.
  7. I noticed that and thought in the context of the article it was totally unnecessary and irrelevant; while I agree that the flouting of social distancing was not a good look I could hear nothing of a sectarian nature or anti-Irish chants. Maybe people listen for what they want to hear.
  8. What an odd comment. And didn't think I knew.... what?
  9. 🤣I'm not. With antecedents from the North I always have NI as my 'other' team to support when Scotland aren't available.
  10. I'm not a football administrator but it would be nice if there was some support and encouragement from among our fanbase. I would love to move to England or North Atlantic League or whatever. (Off topic but I believe the Benelux countries have been given the green light by Eufa to merge.) Otherwise I want the Scottish League to be as good as it can be - and being minus a sponsor for several years was hugely disadvantageous.
  11. It was Johnathan Pearce. Tyldesley also started saying 'Camera' but then changed it after being informed how Glenn says it, I think.
  12. At least it makes a change from betting and drink which are both dubious. All these sarcastic comments about the league we play in yet whenever anyone suggests moving to a better league all we get are reasons why it can't be done.
  13. BBC commentator tells us that Eufa had a team of experts to instruct them on pronunciation of players' names. Pity he could not get Glenn Kamara right.
  14. More convinced than ever Italy will win; don't think they misplaced a pass all night.
  15. What would you have them do? It was the players' decision not the SFA so who is gutless?
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