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  1. I get that @pete and I understand the frustration mate I really do. I was in exactly the same boat as you 20-25 mins before kick off. In this modern internet era of 24/7 customer service and immediacy the norm is to update service users via the twittersphere and thats pretty much what happened. I'm really just giving you a heads up on it as its the second time this campaign that I've had to use this method to get my paid up feed.
  2. I didn't realise that since I'm already signed up but its a fair point.
  3. The Rangers official twitter, because of problems with the server, put out a link half an hour prior to the match @pete.
  4. WTF is that from the ET? Couldn't silence them? Of course we did! In fact we reduced their on the field chances to a couple of shots from out side the box and a couple of headers from set plays. The byline and body text of that article reveals the true nature of a) their headline narrative and b) the facts of the match. Rangers were excellent tonight, and save for some good goal keeping, should be at least 1-0 up on the tie. Ryan Jack was outstanding in his midfield role, Scott Arfield never stopped running into space and Ojo had them terrified any time he was on the ball. Legia came into it after the break no doubt with a rocket up their arse from their manager and still they weren't good enough to break down the Rangers defence. They went short Ryan Jack tidied up they went long Nikola Katic tidied up. It wasn't easy but our team put in a hell of a shift tonight in a hostile environment and could have easily come back from Poland a goal to the good. Don't forget to tune into Gersnet Pod this Sunday evening where you might hear a fair assessment of this game. Dead tree press are dead!
  5. I've just came doon aff the ceiling after that game. Make no mistake about it folks the Danes were a good strong technically gifted team who wanted to play the game on the front foot especially in the final third of the park. We paid a fairly heavy price switching off at 3-0 up to concede two avoidable goals. At both goals I was calling for Scotty Arfield to be hooked as he was running on a pensioners legs but in saying that if he had been hooked then he wouldn't have been there to slot a lovely pass, from Alfredo Morelos, into the back of the net beyond the Danes keeper to make it 2-4 on the night. Jordan Jones after somewhat of a nervy start, against a very tidy right back, showed us what he is capable of with some absolutely lovely exchanges of passing and moving inside with Joe Aribo. Alfies late yellow had me baffled but what a performance he put in absolutely outstanding from him with a goal and a number of assists especially when at a Rangers corner he controlled Glen Kamaras knock down from the edge of the box slipped it to Nikola Katic to slot home with the outside of the boot. We are the people!
  6. That was tough to watch today but after 20 minutes I thought my pre-game prediction of being too good and strong for Kilmarnock was looking very likely with some good play and moving them around in defence. However something is definitely not right with this teams mentality. In that first 20 Kilmarnock couldn't get near us, we score a well worked goal from a set play, and then the complacency crept in starting from the back with Goldson, Tav and Barisic in particular slowing the game right down with square balls across the middle and the back line, the runners stop running and the game continues more or less at walking pace. It then spreads through the team and continued into the second half. Aribo is playing far too deep, Davis passing not particularly effective today and Arfield is a good week behind the team in terms of fitness, Movement and sharpness. Morelos scrapped and tried for anything that came near him but the service up to him was absolutely abysmal to be honest. Ojo has continued in the look good doing nothing category. There was a marked difference in urgency when Jones and Stewart came on for Arfield and Ojo late in the game. Ryan Jack was by far our best player on the park today and he had to be too and he put in an unbelievable amount of work particularly in the second half because Ojo doesn't offer Tav any protection not that Tav played particularly well today but without the cover of a hard working wide man Tav is really struggling. I don't know if this is a tactical move, bringing Jack back there to cover for Tav by the management team or not, but its certainly not working for me. it removes his industry in midfield going towards the opposition box and masks that we're having to carry a fairly lazy player in Ojo.
  7. First of all and this is merely my unqualified reading of the situation. There hasn't really been any new developments as it is contained in the original judgement, this is a clarification of that by the Justice. On the face of it its not a particularly great result but at the same time its not the end of the world either. The media have concentrated on two paragraphs of the injunction in 6 and 7 yet have omitted findings in further paragraphs namely para 11 sections 1, 2 and 3. It does say that SDI are being given the right to match the offer on the 3rd year of the Elite/Hummel deal. It doesn't stop RIFC selling kit this year. This clarification more or less solidifies retail and manufacture into separate concerns/issues effectively splitting the existing deal in two which is important since SDI don't manufacture kit themselves. It also later states in para 11, and this is fairly crucial, given that SDI has previous for *fuckingabout* that, should they do that and hamper RIFC's necessity to register the official kit with SFA and UEFA by the deadline dates for 20/21 then RIFC would have liberty to challenge the order. So what does that really mean for Rangers? Well it boils down to RIFC and SDI will now have to come to terms with regards to the deal for 20/21 and here is the kicker that is being missed by the media. Its as much of a shot across SDI's bows as it is RIFC's because it includes the option for RIFC to return to court should SDI, as they have previous, drag their heels effectively blocking kit registration to the above organisations for that season.
  8. Professional performance from us this evening bossed the game from start to finish. Last 15 we should have had a couple of goals save for some stout defending from Progress. We will have to deal with quite a bit of that in the League this year so we better get used to it. I just think we should stop tryng to score the perfect goal and have a boost any time we can. Personally I don't think Killie will be particularly difficult this season. New manager with a very different approach to the game than Clarke. I do think that the Hibs game at home Sunday after playing away in Denmark will be very tough. Heckingbottom has had a good 6 months with them since coming in Feb so they will be well versed in his style of play which if I'm honest was pretty decent both defensively and attacking towards the end of last season.
  9. I was in the audience so to speak but I thought you did a good job on your maiden pod mate.
  10. The goalie is there to stop the ball going in the net. He saved a few shots that were powder puff and kept them in it. Whats more concerning is that when they had the ball and attacked us, in the second half, they cut us open with ease. Thats fine when you're 4/5-0 up as theres nothing to worry about but when its 1-0 in a Uefa game where away goals can win you the tie then you need to cut that out. The only stat I care about is the goals for stat. Tonight we won 2-0 but we made hard work of it and could have easily lost a couple of goals ourselves. That concerns me!
  11. It ends 2-0 and missed a penalty. Other than Edmundson our defence have looked pretty poor tonight switching off at set plays not picking up their man. The players they brought on were much better and tougher than the ones they started with. I think they have goals in their side and it will be a tough job over there in the return leg. In saying that they may open up a bit and have to score three to go through. We still struggle with the issue of breaking down teams who have everyone behind the ball and play on the break. We'll need to be a lot better than that if we're going to do anything.
  12. Standouts for me have been Edmundson, Jack, Davis, Halliday and Aribo. Ojo, Tav and Goldson haven't offered much. The ball all ways seems to end up with Goldson to spring the diagonal when Edmundson has a far better range of passing. Its frustrating to see big Connor just kick the ball back to their keeper more often than not.
  13. Great goal from Aribo after some nice play around the box. If they don't stop trying to walk the ball into the net though this games got 1-0 written all over it.
  14. The reason I assume they do that over there @pete is to avoid hotlinking. Follow the link if you want an in depth easy to follow explanation to what that is or here's a quick summary. When you lift a URL for an image/page on someone's site then you send all traffic to their site to grab the image/text for display. That obviously increases the traffic on their server/server provider and if its a small blog or self hosted site then it can end up costing the owner a good few bob to increase their bandwidth. They could also remove the link target at any time leaving a dead link or image you cant see. You can also turn off the ability to hotlink on your own servers but since I'm not an admin on here I don't know if Gersnet has that facility with their service provider? @Frankie
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