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[FT] Celtic 1 - 2 Rangers (Kent 36; Katic 56)

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Let's get the Morelos "throat slit" gesture under control as it's already being fuelled by the MSM and Hollicom. (Express on Twitter was where I saw it)



To any rational person it appears It was a reference to him being the master of his own demise, and letting the team down. Inferring he had done it to himself. However, to a racist Scottish Media this young black Colombian must be gesturing to someone "Cartel" style just like in Narcos that he is ordering a hit??🙈 I mean ffs, when will this xenophobic racism end?



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I think our games against them are becoming a compelling argument for VAR. With VAR no offside goal in the LC final no handball goal today. The waiting around for the decision I find off putting but being robbed of cups and potentially points I find even more off putting.

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