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[FT] Lech Poznan 0 - 2 Rangers (Itten 31; Hagi 72)

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I think we'll go with,


  Tavernier  Goldson  Balogun   Barisic

            Arfield     Zungu       Kamara

                     Hagi        Kent



I don't know, I just don't see how anyone other tham Zungu and Hagi could be brought in here. Barisic was rested at the weekend, and the rest of the defence chooses itself. We know Zungu is starting, Arfield was rested at the weekend so he will come in. Kamara won't drop out as Aribo played on Sunday too. And then of the front 3, if Hagi comes in it's anyone's guess who for but I would hope Morelos and not Roofe.

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10 hours ago, buster. said:

I said a few days ago that Tav shoud get a night off. He's not a robot and we really need to do all we can to prevent overload/injury given his importance to our good form. 


The general narrative around why our form disappeared in January surrounds Dubai and Morelos but don't forget Tavernier missed games at that point as well, including the loss at Tynecastle.


Giving Bassey the game against Ross County suggests to me that Barisic will be back tonight and the right side (Paterson) will be more than due a 90 minute change.


All the other potential changes (other than Goldson, who will most probably play) are relatively regular occurances that SG&Co tend to get right.


Wouldn't argue against that @buster. in fact I would prefer it myself, I just dont see SG doing it!

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RANGERS: McLaughlin, Patterson, Goldson, Balogun, Barisic, Zungu, Arfield, Kamara, Aribo, Hagi, Itten


SUBS: McGregor, Tavernier, Bassey, Kent, Morelos, Barker, Stewart, Barjonas, Kinnear, Dickson




Patterson - Goldson - Balogun - Barisic


Zungu - Kamara


Arfield - Aribo - Hagi




... or the like.

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1 hour ago, Bluedell said:

We finished top of a 5 team, 4 match group in 2006/07


4 10
Maccabi Haifa
4 7
4 5
4 4
4 1

I remember that well, the group included a trip to Livorno in the school October week so I could take my son to his first away Euro tie, aged 10, and got the most soaked I have even been at a football match amidst a real downpour that lasted the whole match and made the recent game in Liege look like a mere trickle. 

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Aribo in a forward position? Interesting! Great to see Tav getting the night off and a chance for the highly promising Patterson to shine, nothing less than a goal and an assist will be accepted young man!


Another chance for Itten to start and show he can do the job, and hopefully he and Hagi can link up well and create some goalscoring chances.

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6 minutes ago, buster. said:


I'm actually quite pleased with the line-up. I'm pleased Hagi and Itten are getting a chance. I'm disappointed Roofe isn't on the bench though.


Luckily Lech Poznan have held up their end of the bargain and made extensive changes too, so we can go into the game with confidence.

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  • Frankie changed the title to [FT] Lech Poznan 0 - 2 Rangers (Itten 31; Hagi 72)

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