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We rightly highlight the deficiencies in the Scottish league system - the plastic pitches, barely concealed bias of official, the low level of funds outside the OF, the poor record in Europe, etc. However, that all being said and to an extent because of it, we also need to acknowledge how much of an achievement it is to go through a season with our win-record. It's one thing to expect to win every game, it's another to be inconsolable when we don't. What we've done this season is worth far more than disappointment.

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I hate to even mention it but I think we all know we're there for the taking next weekend. Celtic will see depriving us of an unbeaten season as something worth achieving and we look like a team that just wants the season to end now. It's hard to see what the coaching staff do to breathe life back into players who seem to have had enough.

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I’m sure at the start of the season if we got offered the title and another good run in Europe then we’d have grabbed it with both hands.

However we must build on this for next season. We must not stagnate. We will need 3 or 4 new arrivals for next season all capable of going into the starting XI and that many mean a couple of high profile departures.

The domestic cup competitions are not top priority but still remain a disappointment. Hopefully that will change next season

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20 minutes ago, RANGERRAB said:

However we must build on this for next season. We must not stagnate.

Yup, there's a road still to travel. Hopefully we're going to enjoy the ride but there are bound to be a few potholes along the way. I'd like to think the season after next will see us a far better team but much might depend on how long Steven Gerrard stays. 

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