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[FT] Rangers 1 (Lundstram 40) - 1 Hearts

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Very frustrating day. First half was excellent but we just didn't turn up in the second half. Looked like we were going to see it out luckily. Not going to blame McGregor because he had a couple of good saves. We still aren't firing on all cylinders.


I actually think Europe is just a distraction this year. I would rather go out and concentrate on winning the league with the CL place as a bonus at the end

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Finally logged in as it took me so long to believe/disbelieve this game.

First half playing like we are capable of,superb passes/flicks and a tremendous goal.

Second half unreal,subs unreal,misses unreal and so on.

Whole game Referee and assistants allowed the Hearts thugs carte-blanche to kick us off the park.

Ah well just another Saturday.

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As dissapointed as i am with the result i did take positives from yesterday.   Lundstrom has really stepped up to the plate and our general game play especially in the first half was far better than we have been used to in recent weeks.  Slacked off in the second half and missed decent chances that came back to haunt us .   At the end of the day were still top of the league and had we played the mhanks we would have taken the result with more ease.   

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6 hours ago, compo said:

Has our manager got his eye on bigger things ?


3 hours ago, RANGERRAB said:

Of course he has. Just hope our board have a successor in mind.

If he has it can only be money that would tempt him to Newcastle as that club will not be rebuilt before Klopp goes and Steve returns to his spiritual home.

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