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Loaned players performances

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1 hour ago, compo said:

The one that's disappointed me is Lowry looks like he's messed up his career now he's back and on the sick that's no use to anyone.

Aye, he’s got the cracking wee bird, holidays in Dubai and Greece, designer gear, top motor etc


Thing is if he doesn’t get himself back into the swing of things he’ll end up playing for Peterhead and working full time at the fish factory, and all these nice things will disappear. 

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10 minutes ago, Sutton_blows_goats said:

Sam Lammers goal and assist, likley motm performance for Utrecht today. Hopefully get our money back for him if he keeps this form up.

Bring him home......

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Regarding Lammers, we could go back a few months and people on here were saying that e.g. Dessers is "no footballer".  Like many players before him. Dessers and Lammers obviously are footballers, for they make lots of money in that job, only that football is a team game and if things click, all is fine. It appears that the Utrecht side and Lammers click. Or the style of football they play, the style of the teams of this league play. It didn't click for him with us in a time of transition, squad- and management-wise. It's hard to say it ever will click with us - and our soothsayers are, on hindsight, usually way off the mark, but rarely admit to it later. As long as he's our player and does well, fine. Some guys need their confidence boost to get back on track, and it remains to be seen what Clement makes of this.

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4 minutes ago, der Berliner said:

it remains to be seen what Clement makes of this.

Clement was quick enough to get Lammers out the door.  You don't need to be a soothsayer to see how awful he was in a Rangers jersey, you just need to be able to see.  

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