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Pacific Quay Musings?

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3 hours ago, ian1964 said:


Typical Tom Anguish.


I feel sympathy for those members of the Westwood RSC who were not present on the supporters bus last Sunday. They are being punished for something where they played no part. However, those who did participate deserve all the punishment that came their way.  To sing the song with accompanying actions is stupid in these times, to film yourself doing so is seriously stupid and, to post the footage on social media is the equivalent of shooting yourself in both feet, followed by shooting yourself in the head. Beyond stupidity. Joe and Tom amplified the incident by talking about it for a dozen minutes.


There's a major piece of whataboutery doing the rounds. It'a clip shot inside a club where an amplified band on stage lead a grouping of Yahoos in the following: "he's a bastard, he's an orange bastard, his name is Jimmy Bell, we hope he dies, we hope he dies". Joe and Tom are more than happy to equate racism with sectarianism within the parameters of the Westwood RSC footage. They ignore the awkward and inconvenient footage of a Rangers employee being abused in the most vile, sectarian terms because it does not progress their preferred prejudice.


Further, at the beginning of the Paddy Power sponsored talk show, Joe and Tom are talking GAA sports. Tom is a big Limerick supporter. His home town club celebrate GAA victories by playing, 'Sean South of Garyowen' over the PA. Sean South was a member of the IRA, a Fascist anti-semite and, participated in a cross border raid that saw the deaths of a RUC catholic constable and himself. Tom expects and receives comfort on such matters, as Chief Sports Writer for BBC Scotland; he never reciprocates.

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drove to Aberdeen and back this weekend and the timings somewhat forced me to listen to Off the ball twice. 


It's just an awful show which must have a very select and dwindling audience I am 46 and it was way too old for me to be listening to. 


There is so much vibrant coverage of Scottish football in the many many podcasts surely we can do better. 


Had it's usual mixture of bias. Wasn't too bad cosgrove grudgingly admitted it was a pen, everyone was wowed by Tav's goal. Radikanu isn't British some how and the guest was of course a massive celtc fan no one has ever heard of. 





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