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  1. Sutton has a bad history of accusing clubs, teams and organisations of cheating, he can't take defeat gracefully. Always cheated never defeated like the club he played for.
  2. BBC Pacific Quay CSC don't do Honesty, they are malignant, corrupt and bigoted.
  3. I'm just not getting Gerrards methods, we had players clearly struggling, when the subs finally came on, Katic early in the second half, that's understandable. But Lafferty was to late, far too late imo, also with Rossiter. Apart from the struggling players, it clearly needed fresh legs and a slight tactical change with big Lafferty. He's doing to little to late, the 60 minute sub rule that seems to happen with us.
  4. Why risk a player who clearly has a knock? Could cost Goldson a place on Saturday, same with McCrorie ffs
  5. Could be three straight changes at half time, two look injured, one could be tactical.
  6. He's best friends with two very prominent bigots, Phil3names and Haggerty the Wicked Witch from the East. No surprise then he follows their lead.
  7. How much is the Ball Boy on a week? Some players are on far more for the same level of performance no doubt.
  8. Thank god that's over, we totally dominated but were absolute gash in front of goal.
  9. Dire final balls here, we couldn't hit a Cow on the arse with a cattle prod if we held it by it's tail
  10. Better gone than moping about upsetting other players, good player but inconsistent. He's never going to be a regular at Liverpool just not good enough for their level.
  11. Ah ffs, that my viewing spoiled by the stench coming up from the Piggery dwellers below me, i sit in BR5 near the front of the stand, anyone got a spare nose clip for their visit?
  12. I'm sure Ejaria thought he was coming on for a routine on Strictly Come Dancing. He's getting 10/10 for that superb Cha Cha he was doing in the last 10 minutes.
  13. I would bring charges against this team, cowardice in the face of the enemy and going absent without leave.
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