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11 hours ago, Sutton_blows_goats said:

What did he get wrong other than the early let off of casimero? I think the pen was a little dubious in that Dias didn't make contact with Benzema but VAR would have checked.


Delighted to see city out, a soulless club. 1st leg a stadium full of people filming the game on their phones. Didn't see much of that tonight in Madrid :)

How he failed to deal with Casimero was awful enough as he set a standard he could not maintain. This ultimately led to players getting booked for very little compared to Casimeros challenges. Other incidents of note were Modric failing to be booked for raising his hands and grabbing a players throat. Foden being barged from the back by the CB then being penalised. Adding 6 minutes of added time? Ok Walker was injured but 6 minutes was ridiculous. It was almost as if he wanted Real to score. He then failed to add enough time in ET to accommodate the antics of Militoa who was deliberately put on in ET to waste time. 


If we get a ref like that tonight I'll be raging. I've no love for City and how they've risen through the ranks but let's not put Real Madrid up there as a some paragon of virtue. There is a reason they have 13 European Cup wins. They have bent and massaged the rules for years with their finances to ensure their position as a premier European force. 


Anyway, I hope Liverpool destroy them.

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