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  1. Their fans came prepared with a pre-meditated plan to cause unrest. This was condoned by their Club by the fact they did nothing to prevent it. Our fans came to enjoy a football match. Granted our fans should not have vandalised anything. However, a heady mix of anger, frustration, alcohol, and witnessing the authorities doing nothing to stop their vile display, meant our frustration spilled over. Thank goodness it was only the lavvies which were attacked, and not celtic supporters imo
  2. Try from 27 minutes lads 'n' lasses.
  3. After calmly reflecting on the game, we probably played better than we should have. The lack of game play over the past few weeks definitely paid a huge part in our defeat, especially as Hibs had played several "cup finals" in the same period. Like Warbs said, we'll only know which would be the best preparation for yesterday. after the game itself. Right from the start we had several unforced errors and bad passes...and god only knows what we were thinking at their first goal! They went on to have many more chances than us and it was credit to all that their win wasn't more convincing.
  4. Tbf I don't think the Club itself. Hibs. had much to do with the matter, apart from ticket sales. I was quite surprised at the size of their support, and wonder how many celtic fans may have been in amongst them. That will come out after arrests are made I suppose. I think Prize Money will be withheld in order to make reparation to the cost of repairing Hampden, however, the fans who were there supporting Hibs were the actual problem so they must be banned for a considerable time, home AND away. As for Petrie to attempt to brush it all off as "exuberance"!!!...he should be hauled
  5. Is this for the role we tried to line Eustace up for last year perhaps?
  6. It should also be noted that hibs may be losing one of their best players. If they don't gain promotion big heads will roll. Karma has a habit of doing this kinda thing.
  7. Apart from now knowing our Chairman has "never heard of Mark Wottke", that was a big fat waste of time.
  8. Truly astonishing reports published in the Scottish "Media" despite everyone watching exactly what happened. If there has ever been any doubt in anyones' minds as to the anti Rangers bias then this this must be the clincher. Within seconds of the game, the press were all over it. Not about Motherwell staying up, not about us failing to win promotion, not about McCulloch being prodded by a Motherwell "fan" with a stick, not about Motherwell "fans" invading the pitch, not about Motherwell's inability to steward their own "fans", not about these failures almost culminating in what could have
  9. If McMurdo continues along this road he will disappear up his own arsehole, so.........fingers crossed.
  10. I guess they're treating our new board as Guilty until proved Innocent. Forever strife.
  11. Were they taken away in the Rentokill van which had been parked outside?
  12. Surely they've all failed Duty of Care responsibilities as prescribed by Law! http://www.iod.com/guidance/briefings/cgbis-directors-duties-and-responsibilities
  13. Should Llambias not be sacked because of the lies which were given to the Stockmarket?
  14. Who can forget this article when John Lamont MSP dared to pose the question in the Scottish Parliament http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-13891033
  15. http://sport.bt.com/sport-football/news/rangers-meeting-hit-by-threats-S11363962633361?
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