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  1. I don't think anyone would claim MP is an academy in the same sense (say) Blackburn Rovers has one. Nevertheless, one of Murray's big claims when opening MP was that it would produce the teams of the future and, like much else from the boaster, that turned out to be 90% bullshit and failure. The good news is that better leadership than Murray could yet make it deliver.
  2. Aidan does talk shite but there's undeniably an element of truth behind his bitterness. The Murray Park investment has seen quite a poor return in terms of bringing through first team players. It's not the facility of course but the people we have running it and the importance the club leadership have placed upon youth development. Like much else about Rangers these last ten years, Murray Park youth development has been a dysfunctional mess. Just one more aspect of Murray's mismanagement that Craig Whyte has to mend.
  3. Don't feel bad about it, you're not the only one to swallow the shite written about Rangers and NI.
  4. Entitled to your point but wtf has it got to do with a trip to Belfast?
  5. Christ, has it really come to that? Maybe all fans should all just stay at home next season?
  6. Pleased to see Rangers continuing to recognise our special relationship with Ulster. Great chance to play in front of our many supporters in that wonderful part of the Union.
  7. Far too much serious debate going on here. Miller is too faking ugly ever to be allowed into the new Rangers. A dreadful dreadful face on him.
  8. If I was in Craig Whyte's shoes I would be reluctant to make too many hard promises to either fans or manager. That may be what they want but it's not necessarily in the best interests of the club to do so and certainly not at this stage in proceedings. What Whyte needs at the moment is room to manoeuvre, not to restrict his options by making commitments while his ability to implement these is still developing. He needs to identify and secure the members of his new team and he needs to learn more about the underlying problems and challenges, as well as the speed at which certain opportunities can be realised. It's not what fans want to hear but the last thing Whyte needs at the moment are people telling him how to achieve things that they bear no risk for delivering.
  9. One thing anyone involved in the M&A game will confirm is that, in the end, it's almost always personal. Even the most experienced and apparently pragmatic businessmen are capable of acting like school kids when egos get bruised.
  10. Excellent news, let the metaphorical blood flow. Change is positive
  11. All I can say is it's taken moral giants like Pat Nevin long enough to come out and mention celtic in connection with sectarianism - he's been listening to it for years and chosen to say nothing. Now Celtic are also unavoidably in the frame, it suits his media career to climb on another bandwagon. This country is neck-deep in hypocrisy. Christ what a pathetic mess of lies we are.
  12. Ian, Not often having time to look around, I can assure you there is many an article I read only because you take the trouble to post it here. Please keep it going.
  13. ... and you know, he's really such a thoroughly nice chap too:grin:
  14. Never stop posting Ian - no one is compelled to read Leggo's blog but al least those of us who want to can use your link. Cheers for posting.
  15. Sorry but there's no excuse for abject stupidity from our police, this is moronic, petty and utterly misguided. We'd be better with no police than this. I'd be too embarrassed to wear the uniform if this is what it represents. Disgraceful and inept.
  16. Despite offending the little sensibilities of the 'odd' Rangers supporter, some of whom continue to miss the point on this forum, I think the work Leggat is doing is magnificent. That's not to judge the petty wordsmithery but it is abundantly clear Leggat is increasingly providing important momentum to challenge the one-sided debate that has previously favoured only our enemies. He is getting the word out to our side and theirs - and that's something we have been unable to do effectively for a long long time.
  17. Nicky Campbell = shallow bastard. Nothing else needs said.
  18. Steady stream of good news, that's what we want this summer. Well done Sasa Papac
  19. All that needs to be said really.
  20. Haven't enjoyed a day so much for a long time. Best title yet, better than helicopter Sunday. Didn't Walter look pleased, what a way to go out. Might have overdone my current fixation with Cointreau however and an early night might be inevitable.
  21. That'll be Shepherds ... German Shepherds. Don't mention it.:smile:
  22. Well it obviously takes a lot more that your have because you're well wide of the mark. Not only have I praised Walter for his achievements but I've at times put him on a pedestal with few equals. If you'd take a moment to stop sniping and come down off your personal high horse, you'd see my post #13 above is actually about the perspective sometimes used to judge his contribution, not the contribution itself - you managed to gloss over the bit where I said we should be proud of him, or where I said e had been a very good appointment. That'll be slag gong him off I suppose? You really are a sad wee fellow, waiting as you do in the shadows to leap out and admonish with that insight of yours. Maybe engage your brain first in future - if you're going to pretend to be an attack dog then at least act like one.
  23. Aw come on, stop teasing, give me the full benefit of your mighty insight.
  24. Ah, now I see you more clearly. You ARE afraid of change ... but only because you can't understand the difference between invading Iraq and re-building a football club. God help us!
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